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A Digital Portfolio

With Socialkyte, creators get to showcase their unique talents and wins.

Manage all your social analytics with one simple MediaKit. Showcase measurable impact of your work, and highlight your ability to drive results.


Increased Credibility

Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your audience metrics are always accurate, up-to-date, verified and ready to share.

Establish yourself as a trusted partner for brands seeking high-quality opportunities.

Say goodbye to manual updates and stay confident with real-time metrics.

Data-powered lead tracking

Generate Leads

SkyHook puts you in the driver's seat of your earning potential.

Track every visit on your MediaKit.

Use real-time updates to identify high-value leads. Make data-driven decisions and elevate your earnings.

Collaboration portfolio

Highlight Past Collaborations

Lift your brand higher by spotlighting past collaborations and celebrating your wins.

Our user-friendly platform lets you effortlessly display your previous achievements, helping you build trust with potential partners.

Take pride in your previous successes and impress future collaborators.

Activity Notifications

Stay informed and in control
with real-time updates on all your important activities.

AI Campaign Engine

Maximise partnerships with
data-driven recommendations of best brands.

Mobile Optimised

A user-friendly mobile experience
for on-the-go lifestyle.

How It Works

Socialkyte brings fresh collaboration opportunities right to your fingertips.


Set-up your profile by connecting your Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts.

We use their direct APIs to securely pull in your insights and analytics.


Start building your MediaKit by adding your service scope and pricing.

Customise your kit to showcase your best-performing posts, engagement stats, audience demographics, and more.

Insert in bio

Share your MediaKit as a link in bio. It compiles all your performance insights into one stunning package.

Impress collaborators with your in-depth performance analytics and help brands select you faster.


Track every visit on your MediaKit link with SkyHook, enable notifications and never miss a paid collaboration again.

Discover more lucrative partnerships daily.

Brands That Trust Our MediaKit

Admirer, Fitness enthusiast, Traveller.
1,891 posts  457k followers

A Lawyer
following his passion
Grooming & Humour.
YouTube: 1.7 Million
2,304 posts, 544k followers

Creative strategist,
Model, Photographer
777 posts, 515k followers

Fashion Blogger,
Photographer, Educator
2,267 posts, 21.5k followers

Lawyer • Lifestyle
Luxury • Fashion
529 posts  68.7k followers

Digital Creator,
Fashion & Lifestyle
780 posts  1.25k followers

Digital Creator,
Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel
583 posts 12.5K followers

Blogger creates 'snackable' content
Fashion | Beauty | Travel
1,269 posts 81.7k followers

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